Jobs To Do In June

It’s hard to believe it is June 1st today, here in Sussex it is cold, wet and windy, tempted to put the heating back on but instead am busying myself in the garden between patches of rain.

My newsletter was published today in it’s new format, feed back always welcome.

One of the many jobs to do is finish planting out all bedding plants, I have finished planting cosmos today, it’s one of my summer favourites, I usually only plant one colour, white, with a yew hedge as a back drop it works really well in the main garden. Cosmos is a great cut flower and if dead headed properly it flowers from the end of June through to September.

Other jobs completed in the veg patch today are sowing pumpkin seeds and planting out courgettes.

The alliums are doing their thing, big, showy and architectural in the cut flower patch as seen in my picture below cheap cialis online. Now all I have to do is wait for the dahlias to follow. New varieties bought this year. Watch this space……