Edible Flowers


Everyone loves flowers…

The beauty of growing your own makes any gardener feel excited buy cialis online safely.

Now is the time to sow annual edible flower seed, I always grow nasturtiums(see photo), I sowed a few seeds 3 years ago and now having self seeded the following year they keep coming back, no need for me to spend money on new seed packets. I let them run rampant around my asparagus plants, nasturtium roots are not deep therefore they do not disturb the shallow roots of the asparagus.  In late summer the area is covered with these bold gems in yellow, red and orange which gives me a bountiful supply of edible flowers for my salads and cuts down on my weeding time as not an inch of soil is exposed. That is what I call low maintenance gardening.

Other edible flowers to sow

Borage – perfect for freezing in ice cubes ready to lift a glass of water or add colour to Pimms.

Chives – leave a few stems flowering to scatter on top of salad leaves


Edible Flowers
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Coloured Flowers

“I learnt an awful lot, even though I felt I had a good understanding of growing flowers before the course. It was wonderful.”

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