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Hi, I’m Julia and am passionate about growing fruit and vegetables.  I run informal courses from my home on the East/West Sussex borders where I share all my knowledge from seed sowing to when and how to harvest.  From beginner to the more experienced gardener I will help you understand how to sow different seeds and when to do so, sharing my shortcuts and top tips for a  successful harvest year round.  I write an article, Veg On The Ledge, for Leon Restaurants and I publish a monthly newsletter ‘ Jobs for The Month Of…..  I advise clients on how to create, renovate and care for their vegetable gardens and teach them how to maintain a successful harvest throughout the year.

I also run a bed and breakfast business, The Barn, it is situated next to our paddock away from the main house with stunning views towards the south downs. If you wish to book The Barn and combine it with one of my courses, please email me info@parkers-patch.com

Garden Newsletter

A great gift for someone you know who loves gardening, or just someone you love…12 monthly issues of my newsletter for £15.00 giving the recipient an easy to read guide of the important things that you should be doing in the garden each month.  Each newsletter is packed with information and my top tips, from the right time to prepare your soil, or window box for vegetable growing, to looking after your grass. There is something for every part of the garden not just for the vegetable patch.  I keep them simple and on one page as I have found that most subscribers print them off and hang them in the kitchen as a reminder for that month.

If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter see bottom of this page and to see an example, then click here.